Business Partners

We can't do it all by ourselves. We work with many different companies but there are a few that we would like to recognize. They are more of a partner than a vendor to us, and we have a mutual interest in our success. Big thanks to all these folks - we couldn't do it without you.

Mike from Good Impressions - Mike has been one of our longest term friends and business partners. His expertise when it comes to printing is second to none, and we wouldn't be where we are today with his help. I can't say enough good things about this guy. If you need any printing work done around Melbourne - his prices are the best. Call him at 321-255-7975 and make sure to tell him we sent you.

Unless you're in the car business you'll never need these guys but Jay from Route One has been another essential partner for our business with his expertise, relationships with the banks, and generally helpful demeanor.

Don Ramsey from Florida Today has been our rep for quite some time. His approach to marketing is top notch, and we always truly value his opinion. We always enjoy when Don stops by, and he's another of the vendors we've been with the longest.

Sean O'Toole from Autotrader is hands down my most trust advertising rep. I often times bounce different advertising ideas off him and truly appreciate his opinion. He won't lie to me, just to sell me a product, and will even tell me to go with a competitor over him if it's the right move for my scenario. He truly is a business partner, and I won't ever run a dealer without him as my rep as long as I can help it.

The Coy A. Clark Company - Undoubtedly, our single biggest partner and ally. Mr. Clark is family, and if not for his generosity and business guidance we'd never have gotten off the ground. There are not enough words to express the thanks that we have for Mr. Clark, his company, and his staff.

Curt over at A Affordable Sign Company is another vendor that's been a big help. His designs are quick and he's always willing to adapt and work with us. On top of that, his prices are fair, his work's quality and the signs are ready ASAP. He's a pleasure to work with and we strongly suggest him for ANY sign work your business may need!

This is hands down the BEST detailer in Central Florida! Likely the whole state. Name one other detailer you know that's detailed Air Force One - enough said. If your finish is looking a little dull, or your interior a little dry, go see Justin.

Are you one of our partners and don't see yourself on the list? Well, a wise man once told me there are two secrets to success. One, don't tell everything you know.

That being said, unfortunately, some of our partners are proprietary and we have to protect our relationship with those vendors from our competition - it's part of how we keep our prices down. Also, nobody's human so I may have flat out forgotten to list you. Please, if you don't see yourself listed and you'd like to be - send us an email at