How Financing Works:

The Basics:

We use years of experience in automotive F & I to bring the most aggressive banks to your doorstep. We can get anybody approved, you just need to meet some minimum income requirements, be able to prove where you live, have a pulse - the easy stuff. We have banks with rates starting at 1.9% and can work with various hardships to get you back on your feet. Best of all, name brand respected warranties are available, up to 5 years out from date of purchase.ARA Executive truly does sell them to you differently.


What To Expect:

After filling out an application, one of our credit specialists will be in touch with you. We will conduct what's commonly referred to as a "customer interview" and will discuss things like your income, housing situation, and any credit mistakes made in the past and how that affected your credit worthiness. Our banks are both aggressive and forgiving,  they understand good things happen to bad people everyday, and we can get just about anybody approved.

Our goal is to sell you a car after getting you approved, so we're on your side. We do this by making sure to paint the prettiest picture possible for the bank. You can help us by making sure to be as truthful and honest as possible with our staff during the interview process. We won't judge you for any credit indiscretions, and will help prepare the best explanation to the bank for those indiscretions. We are here to help you, so just to state it again, Please Be Completely Honest With Us! - we can't help you if you don't tell us the truth.


What To Bring:

To speed the process up, there are a few things you can bring to the dealer with you. This list is by no means complete, and not having an item on here is not grounds for disqualification.

  1. Proof Of Income - your two most recent paystubs should suffice. If it's January or February, your w2 or final paystub from the previous year, and most recent paystub may be required.
  2. Proof Of Residency - a utility bill, less than 30 days old, and not showing a past due balance.
  3. 6 References - 6 full names, phone numbers and complete addresses of your geographically closest relatives or friends. You can only use each address once, and can't list anybody that lives with you. This is the easiest step, but some people have a tough time - this just has to be 6 people that will answer the phone and confirm that they know you.
  4. A good attitude - this is the most important of all, sometimes things are on credit reports that people are ashamed of. Again, we're not here to judge, and if we bring up something uncomfortable, we totally understand. Please just let us know you'd rather not discuss it.

If you don't have an item on the list, or your situation is less than typical (i.e. 1099'd or self employed vs. traditional paystubs, etc) please contact us to make sure you bring the right stuff with you.


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